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Cirumed Clinic Marbella is the clinic of choice for patients who want to have their plastic surgery in the luxurious surroundings of Marbella.

The Cirumed surgery is the largest super-specialized Plastic Surgery center on the Costa del Sol. Dr.Alexander Aslani, Medical director of Cirumed Clinic has presided the Department of Plastic , Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of Hospital Quiron Malaga for 10 years and made the hospital an international reference center especially for body and breast sculpting surgery, seeing hundreds of patients every year travelling from abroad to seek his unique expertise.

Founding the Cirumed Surgery Center was the last and crowning step of this long and steady process of hyperspecialization. A surgical facility specially tailored to meet the needs for this specific kind of surgery.

Specialty of Cirumed Clinic

Breast and Body Contouring

Cirumed was first to embark on the use of Water-Jetstream (bodyJet) technology for safer and more effective liposculpture and large volume fagrafting in 2010. Currently disposing of a total of 3 BodyJet towers Dr.Aslani and his team look back at thousands of successful cases of large volume fat transplantation using the BodyJet technology.

The clinic is has also specialized in so called supercharged or composite techniques, combining the use of silicone implants and fat grafting in the same patient for optimal results.

Technical features for our trademark surgeries in the Cirumed surgery center include 3 BodyJet towers, EVL intraoperative tissue expansion technology, optimized long and wide surgery beds to facilitate quick and safe patient repositioning and a complete laminar flow system just to name a few.

These are very powerful tools to achieve top results in advanced body-contouring surgery and enable our surgeons to give patients the complete Cirumed makeover experience.

Why Cirumed Clinic?

Total body reshaping makeovers and supercharged surgeries have become Cirumed’s trademark, seeing hundreds of patients travelling to Marbella every year due to our unique expertise, which is mostly unavailable in their home countries.

To combine this extensive surgical expertise with modern, cutting edge technology has been the basis for our success in recent years, and has helped to make Cirumed Clinic one of the top Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Spain.

Awarded Best Aesthetic Surgeon in Spain

At the 2016 awards of the prestigious US based business platform “Medicallivewire” Dr. Aslani was granted the award as “Best Aesthetic Surgeon in Spain”.
The award is based on Dr. Aslani’s pioneering work in the field of advanced body contouring, his awarded lectures at multiple international conferences both in Europe as well as the United States, as well as his numerous appearences in live demonstration surgeries in front of surgical audiences.

Meeting the needs of the Out-of-Town patient

Due to their special expertise with their trademark surgeries especially in the field of cutting edge body contouring, Cirumed sees a large percentage of patients travelling to Marbella from outside of Spain.

To meet the special needs of these patients, Cirumed has built up a very dedicated infrastructure for travelling patients. We provide access to nurse attended patient recovery villas, hotel packages for every personal taste, transport service and last but not least our Cirumed lounge for travel companions.


  • Cirumed Clinic Marbella
    Edif. Panorama, Planta baja, Local 2
    Ctra. de Cádiz, km 184
    E – 29603 Marbella
  • (+34) 952 775 346

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