The postoperative period after a BBL is fundamental for getting the results you want, preventing unnecessary discomfort, and reducing the possibility of complications. But not to worry, your specialist surgeon will always give you key instructions you should follow closely.

It’s important you know that both the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and the Supercharged BBL are safe medical procedures. They will help you get that curvy, sensuous figure you want. But, you must also do your part to make a full, satisfactory recovery.

What to avoid after a BBL

The most important thing after a BBL is not to strain yourself and avoid putting pressure on the area. The grafted fat needs some time to settle into place. This also allows blood flow to carry the nutrients and oxygen the area needs.

The surgeon will explain in detail the recommendations for each moment as your recovery progresses. In general, this is what not to do after a BBL in the days and weeks following the surgery:

  • Sit: excessive pressure on the treated area can put your results at risk or make the fat shift. In the first weeks, you should not sit with your buttocks resting directly on a surface. You must use a special cushion and remain in this position as little time as possible.
  • Sleep face up: in this position, you’ll place pressure on the buttocks. It is best to sleep face down or, if you’re not comfortable in that position, on your side.
  • Do exercise: this doesn’t mean you can’t move; in fact, you should move to promote blood flow, but always with great care and following your surgeon’s advice. Doing squats or stretches is contraindicated in the first weeks. At 4 to 6 weeks after a BBL, you can begin returning to your usual exercise routine.
  • Not wear the compression garment: although it may be uncomfortable at times, it is essential for a proper recovery after a BBL. It helps keep the transplanted fat in the proper place, reduce swelling, and improve blood circulation in the area.
  • Put ice on the area: for a brief period of time after a BBL, the area treated can lose some sensitivity. This means that if you put ice on the area, you can cause damage due to excessive cold.
  • Smoke: tobacco delays any scarring process. You must stop smoking for a few weeks before a BBL. This is also a good reason to kick this toxic habit for good. You’ll feel better inside and out.
  • Not follow a healthy diet: after a BBL, it is advisable to eat a varied, balanced diet. This will help ensure your body, and thus the area treated, gets all the nutrients it needs. You’ll also prevent weight fluctuations that may change the results of the surgery.

Your specialist’s advice and patience are your best allies

Don’t forget that any recommendation your specialist surgeon gives you should not be taken lightly. Each patient is different and special. Although there are some common instructions for recovery for all, you may also need some special care. Do everything they recommend during the postoperative period and during the weeks of recovery.

In this sense, patience is your strongest ally. Ignoring any instructions won’t make your recovery go any faster, but it could ruin the results. So, don’t rush it. You’ll have the figure you dream of in just a few weeks. You’ll see that the effort will be so worth it and the results will be long-lasting.

But remember that while the recovery process is fundamental, the specialist who performs your BBL is also essential. Only trust qualified, accredited professionals with demonstrable experience. At Cirumed Clinic, you’ll be taken care of by experienced professionals at a centre with the best medical equipment.

If you dream of shapely, attractive, voluminous buttocks, book an appointment now. Our specialists will explain the whole procedure in depth, from the preparation to the BBL surgery to the postoperative care.