One of the first signs of ageing is sagging skin. However, the latest advances in aesthetic medicine allow the skin to regain firmness through minimally invasive techniques. What is Morpheus 8 and what sets it apart from other treatments? This is a common question we’ll answer below.

What is Morpheus 8: the effect of combined radiofrequency

To understand what is Morpheus 8 and how it works, you must first understand how radiofrequency works. This technique consists of targeting high-frequency electromagnetic waves at the skin that penetrate into the dermis, raise its temperature, and stimulate collagen production. This allows you to break up the fat, restore firmness, and reduce sagging.

But Morpheus 8 goes one step further, combining radiofrequency with microneedling. This technique uses microneedles that perforate the skin. When both procedures are performed simultaneously, you can achieve much deeper action, greater dermal regeneration, and greater stimulation of collagen production.

The efficiency of Morpheus 8 lies precisely in the fact that it can act on the skin’s deepest layers. What’s more, it can be used at different depths depending on the needs of the area to be treated.

Now that we’ve explained what is Morpheus 8 in simple terms, there is another aspect that should be clarified. In the initial consultation, once patients learn how the treatment is performed, some are a bit worried about any discomfort they may feel. Not to worry, it’s minimal, and at any rate, an aesthetic cream is applied so that the procedure is completely painless.

What areas can be treated with Morpheus 8?

Now that you know what is Morpheus 8 and how the treatment is performed, the next question is what areas can it be used on to combat sagging skin. In reality, this technique offers good results in any area where the skin has lost elasticity and firmness, especially in:

  • Face and neck.
  • Arms and hands.
  • Abdomen.
  • Chest.
  • Thighs and buttocks.

The number of sessions will largely depend on the desired results. In general, you will need between two and four sessions, with an interval between them of about four weeks.

How long the effects of Morpheus 8 treatment last

In addition to knowing what is Morpheus 8 and what areas it can be used on, you should take into account that the results are not immediate. The procedure aims to stimulate the production of collagen fibres, which are necessary for the skin to gain firmness and elasticity. But this is a process that occurs gradually.

After the first session, the skin will appear more toned. However, you will be able to note the real effects after a few days and results will be fully visible at around three months after the treatment. By that time, the skin will appear much firmer and with fewer irregularities. What’s more, the area treated will have a better contour.

Despite having to wait for the final results, Morpheus 8 has a big advantage: its results are long-lasting, as this production of extra collagen will last over time. In addition, you can return to your daily life as soon as you leave the clinic. The only precautions are not wearing make-up in 24 hours, moisturising the treated area well, and avoiding exposure to the sun.

Put yourself in the hands of specialised professionals

One of the keys to the treatment’s success is that the professionals who provide it truly know what is Morpheus 8. Although it is a minimally invasive procedure, it cannot be safely performed by just anyone. Not all skin is the same nor does everyone want the same results. Therefore, it’s essential to trust specialists with extensive experience.

At Cirumed Clinic we are true specialists in aesthetic medicine and have the most cutting-edge medical equipment. Make your dream a reality. Stop covering up the sagging skin on your arms and get rid of those fine wrinkles on your face. Book your appointment today. You’ll see the difference in just a few short weeks.