Case example of a 33 year old patient, Water Jetstream liposuction with fat transfer breast augmentation. She primarily asked for liposuction on the outer as well as on the inner thighs flanks and abdomen. The outer thighs were most definitely the aesthetic “key area” in this case.

In this case two things were achieved: the patient had a very discrete and natural augmentation of her breast volume (we have measured an increase of breast volume of 215cc on each side via MRI scan, which corresponds to a smaller breast implant). Also she explains to be very satisfied especially with the improvement of her body contour, which now enables her to wear tight jeans and short dresses. Among our patients, this is a very frequent request since water jetstream is our standard liposuction technique, and this is ideal to combine with fat transfer.

So, the Jetstream liposuction was combined with the lipocollector system and fat was injected to augment her breasts. Our team has constantly refined this procedure, and varying technical details such as pulsed jetstream pressure and range, as well as adding natural growth factors (not be confused with stem cell enrichment), and the addition of microcentrifugation of parts of the grafts have made it possible to achieve superior results and have converted our center into the leading national center for autologous fat transfer in Spain.

The results show a drastic improvement in her shape, which the patient alone was very happy with. The injection of fat into her breasts did significantly increase her satisfaction. It is our experience that the ideal for fat transfer breast augmentation are cases primarily seek liposuction, and benefit from fat augmentation as an additional advantage.

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Water Jetstream Liposuction with fat transfer Water Jetstream Liposuction with fat transfer Water Jetstream Liposuction with fat transfer