Transformation surgery (mommy makeover)

Transformation surgery (mommy makeover)

What is transformation surgery (mommy makeover)?

The majority of surgeons will define transformation surgery (mommy makeover) as the combination of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)) with an aesthetic breast procedure, either breast augmentation or breast uplift. However, the definition is not totally clear, and will vary from surgeon to surgeon.

In Cirumed Clinic Marbella, our surgeons usually define transformation surgery (mommy makeover) as the combination of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with a second aesthetic procedure to another part of the body. Popular combinations are breast augmentation, breast uplift, and Brazilian butt lift (buttock lift).

Who is it for?

Women who suffered lax skin, bulging tummies and saggy breasts after either pregnancy or massive weight loss are usually those who are most pleased with a transformation surgery.

Patients perceive their change as much more dramatic as compared to abdominplasty alone.

Patient satisfaction rates with mummy makeover surgery are generally very high, always provided that patients bear in mind that any procedure aims to give them the best possible optimization of themselves, and that any changes are bound to their anatomical preconditions.

Can I have two aesthetic surgeries at the same time?

Generally yes, but this of course depends on the case. If you are fit and healthy, and the necessary abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is not overly extensive, combination surgery can be a good move. The recovery is usually comparable to abdominoplasty surgery alone.

What are the outcomes of transformation surgery (mommy makeover)?

In patients suitable for this kind of transformation, we observe a significantly increased patient satisfaction as compared to abdominoplasty alone.

Why Cirumed?

Dr. Aslani is the Medical Director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella. He owes this appointment to a surgical career spanning two decades and a log of more than 14000 operations.

To combine this extensive surgical expertise with modern, cutting edge technology has been the basis for our success in recent years, and has helped to make Cirumed Clinic one of the top Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Spain.

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Frequently asked questions about transformation surgery (mommy makeover)

What is the recovery?

This depends very much on the extent of surgery. Usually the recovery should not add up very much as compared to the single surgeries.

Can I include a Brazilian butt lift into my Mummy makeover?

We are very often confronted with this question since our surgeons have a lot if clinical interest in buttock surgery and especially Brazilian butt lift.

The problem here is the positioning of the patient after surgery. It is possible if patients accept the somewhat complex positioning required in the first two weeks following the procedure.

Is it risky to combine two procedures?

In determining whether a mummy makeover is a good option for you, both our surgeons as well as our anaesthetists have determined very robust protocols. In summary, we offer mummy makeover surgery to those patients where the combination of two procedures does not add up recovery significantly as compared to on procedure alone.

What are the outcomes?

In suitable patients, the main advantage is that the results when procedures are combined tend to be much more dramatic as compared to just one procedure alone. Patient satisfaction rates in mummy makeover surgery are significantly raised as compared to the single surgeries alone.

This is always provided that you are medically a suitable candidate for such a combination procedure.

Will I have a lot of scarring?

That depends very much of what procedures you wish to combine.

Abdominoplasty(tummy tuck) surgery will require some scarring which usually fades a lot over time. To optimize scar quality, we like to treat scars with Cubelaser after surgery, which has helped us to significantly improve our scar outcomes.

What are operating times?

Our team of surgeons has a lot of experience and routine with such procedures. Surgery time in a mummy makeover must be less than 5 hours. Therefore, mummy makeover is only an option for a very experienced surgeon with a high caseload. If for whatever reason surgery time could exceed 5 hours, it is preferable to split procedures in two.


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