Case of the month April 2017

Cirumed Clinic Marbella has gained a lot of fame for our minimum scar breast uplift technique.

Our case of the month is one these, where a very saggy breast was corrected with internal suspension, lipofilling of the skin envelope and anatomical breast implants. The only scar needed was a donut scar around the areola.

Case 4: Scar Sparring Mastopexy

Composite techniques can help to achieve great results in breast uplfit surgery in cases of moderate sagginess. The basis is the capability of lipofilling to fill out a larger part of the skin envelope. Whilst lipofilling alone would have very little aesthetic impact, its addition to silicone implant augmentation is a very powerfool supplement. Further to the filling of the lax sking,

Case 3: Supercharged breast augmentation in saggy breast, avoiding scars

Supercharged breast augmentation is a very attractive solution for all patients with slightly saggy breasts. In the case shown here, the patient did especially benefit from this approach. Preoperatively, she showed significant sagginess and had in fact been advised to have a full T-scar uplift by three different surgeons she had previsously seen. We solved this by combining submuscular placement of a silicone gel implant,

Case 2: Scar sparing mastopexy

In cases of moderate breast sagginess we have made excellent experience with a combination approach consisting of anatomical breast implants, fatgrafting and areola reduction. In cases like the one shown here, this technique enables us to achieve satisfactory results and at the same time spare the patient more extensive lolipop or T-scarring.

This reduction in scarring leaves both patients and surgeons much more satisfied and has made the Cirumed technique for minimum scar mastopexy one of our reference surgeries.

Case 1: Breast reduction and uplift

This patient suffered from a condition labelled Gigantomastia. Such disproportionally oversized breasts cause patients significant discomfort, skin ulceration and back pain. In breast uplift surgery, Dr. Aslani does usually work with scar sparing techniques in nearly all cases (periareolar or lollipop scar). In this case, for the unusual size of this patient’s breast, an anchor T-scar was necessary.