Case 8: Water Jetstream Liposuction

The patient in this case had very localized, excessive subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area. She was a candidate for Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) but was totally unwilling to accept neither the scar nor the longer recovery of a tummy tuck. 

“Normal” tumescent liposuction would have been wholly insufficient in this case. This would have lead to unsightly saggy skin.

Case 7: Water Jetstream Liposuction

This patient shows very localized fat deposits on the outer thigh (saddlebag) area which distort her frame. This areas of fat are usually somewhat resistent, and even intense exercise and diet will not eliminate them. In a combined technique, the deep fat deposit was first removed using Body jet pulsed water jetstream liposuction.

When reaching the more superficial fat layers,

Case 5: Composite Liposculpture (BodyJet and Laser-Liposuction)

This case is a good example to demonstrate how effective a potent skin retractor can be. This patient was mostly bothered by her pouch-like subcutaneous fat deposits on flanks and abdomen. “Normal” liposuction is unsatisfactory in such cases since it will inevitably result in lax and flobby skin. Our standard procedure here is a two-step approach: as a first step,

Case 4: Liposculpture

This case serves to demonstrate how effective liposculpture can be if done at the right place. The patient shown in this case suffers from significant “saddlebag” fat deposits on her outer thighs. Typically, women with fat deposits in this area perceive these as very impairing when wearing short and tight dresses or tight jeans. Even a relatively moderate amount of fat removal (in this case only around 500cc) can lead to a relatively dramatic change in shape.

Case 3: Water Jetstream Liposuction with fat transfer

Case example of a 33 year old patient, Water Jetstream liposuction with fat transfer breast augmentation. She primarily asked for liposuction on the outer as well as on the inner thighs flanks and abdomen. The outer thighs were most definitely the aesthetic “key area” in this case.

In this case two things were achieved: the patient had a very discrete and natural augmentation of her breast volume (we have measured an increase of breast volume of 215cc on each side via MRI scan,

Case 2: Water Jetstream Liposuction with high definition Laser-Liposuction

27 years old patient with very localised fat deposits on her thighs. Minimally invasive Water Jetstream liposuction was performed in combination with High definition laser liposuction.
This protocol is our gold standard for the majority of liposuction cases. In the first step we remove the bulk of fat with Water Jetstream liposuction which is atraumatic and allows very precise shaping,

Case 1: Water Jetstream Liposuction in combination with high definition Laser-Liposuction

Water Jetstream liposuction enables precise and very atraumatic removal of the deep layers of fat. As a second step, high definition laser liposuction system is applied to retract the skin. We use the second generation of dermoretractive laser technology, the Invasix BodyTite system. The combination of these two approaches does give the absolutely best results and ideally combines the advantages of both technologies.