Case 16: Combination liposuction

In this case very aggressive (superficial) liposuction in the waistline resulted in a great accentuation of the patient’s hourglass figure.
Water Jetstream liposuction is a great help in superficial liposuction since it is necessary to work very superficial, much more than usually possible in conventional liposuction.
If patients have very localized fat deposits superficially,

Case 15: Combination liposuction in a senior patient

In Cirumed Marbella, we are seeing rising numbers of somewhat senior patients requesting body contouring procedures. Minimally invasive surgery with as little scarring as possible is of extreme importance to these patients.

Here, the patient asked for maximum contour improvement without scars, so abdominoplasty was out of question. Combination liposuction with BodyJet EVO and Smartlipo laser liposuction enabled us to get contour shaping and at the same time prevent lax and irregular skin.

Case 14: Combination liposuction

Relatively thin and well trained patients are the most frequent ones looking for liposuction. The reason is that physically active individuals are mostly very aware that some typical fat deposits are totally diet and exercise resistant.

Liposuction aims at the subcutaneous (superficial) fat deposits. In females, these are usually located in the lower abdominal and love handle area.

Case 13: Combination liposuction ( BodyJet/laser liposuction) for maximum body reshaping

Patient with localized fat deposits distorting her shape. At the same time, she was troubled with some lax skin tone. Combination liposuction (BodyJet EVO water-jetstream and laser liposuction) for skin retraction achieved a very significant enhancement of her shape.
Combination liposuction pairing jetstream/laser is currently the most sophisticated approach in modern body contouring surgery.

Case 12: Male Plastic surgery: Composite liposhaping abdomen/love handles

In man, liposuction requirements are very different to females, as well as fat distribution. Case presentation shows a 43 years old male patient with the typical problem zones of males, with very bulgy deposits on the love handles and tummy area. These zones are normaly diet resistant, and after a certain age it is nearly impossible to get rid of them with diet and exercise only.

Case 11: Combination liposuction BodyJet/laser

Relatively thin patients are sometimes the most difficult cases to treat. In this example, we present our results treating a young lady with overall good shape. She wanted improvement of abdominal /waist area, which was good anyway, but her instructions to us were to try to improve what was already very good.
Circumferential Water jetstream liposuction was used to thin out the subcutaneous fat deposits.

Case 9: Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) correction with Bodyjet EVO liposuction.

Case presentation shows a male patient with classical Gynecomastia, i.e. residual breast gland and localized subcutaneous fat. Under local anesthetic, we used Jetstream liposuction to remove both gland as well as subcutaneous fatty tissue.

In Cirumed Clinic Marbella, Water-Jetstream liposculpture is the ideal approach for treating male breast hypertrophy (Gynecomastia). It leaves no scars and can perfectly done with local anesthetic.

Case 9: BodyJet liposuction for maximum waistline shaping

The waistline is the keyzone to an attractive female body shape. In the case presented here, the patient showed a somewhat distorted waistline due to a localized fat deposit in the waistline (love handle) area. BodyJetEVO is currently the most advanced technology in modern liposuction surgery. The closed irrigation suction technology allows very precise sculpting of key aesthetic zones of the body.