Case 18: Hybrid breast augmentation silicone gel implants fatgrafting

The patient shown in this case requested substantiative breast augmentation, but was equally adamant to have a very natural result. 300cc anatomical implants were placed under the pectoralis muscle. Fatgrafting was undertaken before placement of the implants, mainly into the muscle at its chestbone insertion. The addition of fatgrafting in this case helped to create a smoother cleavage and less noticeable implant edges,

Case 17: Mummy makeover with supercharged breast augmentation and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

We show a great combination case in which we combined a supercharged breast augmentation with abdominoplasty. Special difficulty in this case was the extensive asymmetry between both breasts and the unequal sagginess. We combined anatomical cohesive silicone implants placed behind the muscle and fatgrafting to both breasts. The additional abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) helps to make the change to be even more impressive.

Case 7: Buttock Augmentation – Aquashape Jetstream

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is currently one of the most frequent procedures in our spectrum. We specialize in large volume fat grafting enhancing both projection as well as lateral “curviness”.”

In this Brazilian Butt Lift case we performed Aquashape Jetstream liposuction to reshape especially her thighs and flanks, a total of 2400cc of fat was removed using the Aquashape Jetstream system at 0,4 bar and a Jetpulse range of 80/min.

Case 6: Buttock augmentation and reshaping using the patient’s own fat (Brazilian Butt Lift)

This patient was a somewhat ideal case since she had some buttock projection before and we did not have to start from zero. Also, the patient had some lax skin on her buttocks. Saggy skin on the buttocks allows us to place a larger quantity of graft, since there is not too much pressure impeding graft survival.

Case 23: The moob job-minimally invasve solutions for ginecomastia

Ginecomastia (“male boob job” or “moob job”) is one of the most frequently requested surgeries by male patients.

We operate about 95% of our cases using a minimally invasive two step approach: First Water Jetstream liposuction at high pressure and frequency setting is used to fragment the gland and aspirate the remnants. In a second step lipolaser is used to tighten the skin.

Case 22: WaterJet Liposuction and fatgrafting

The case shown here is a brilliant example for the value of “tactical” approaches to body contouring surgery. Initially, the patient requested nothing but liposuction. What bothered her was the love handle area. The procedure consisted in Water-jetstream assisted fat extraction form the bothering problem zones. In the same procedure, the extracted fat was transferred into the deficient midbuttock area.

Case 21: Zeltiq Coolsculpting non surgical liposuction

Zeltiq Coolsculpting is a great technology for patients who have diet and exercise fat depositis, good skin quality and do under no circumstances want a surgical procedure.
Two applicators within 3-4 weeks produce results very similar to those of surgical liposuction, and patient satisfaction rates are very high.
In our practice, we have made excellent experience with the combination of Zeltiq Coolsculpting together with Zimmer shockwave applications,

Case 20: A difficult case of a laser liposuction in a patient with large saddlebags

In the case shown here we find to important difficulties. First, the patient had a very extensive fat collection in the saddlebag area which distorted her shape. Second the situation was complicated by the fact that her skin has suffered a lot of stress after massive weight loss. The remaining skin was very loose and it was expected that fat extraction would likely aggravate this further.

Case 19: Bodyjet EVO liposuction with additional fat grafting

Patients approaching us with a request for liposuction usually are focussed on fat removal primarily. To optimize results, the tactical use of some of the extracted fat can be a great asset for the surgeon. The patient shown in this case wanted improvement of her shape rather than just removal of fat. We removed superficial (subcutaneous) fat in the “belt” area,