Extracción de grasa con beneficios

La liposucción es actualmente el procedimiento de cirugía plástica más popular en el mundo, es cada vez mayor el número de pacientes que buscan mejorar su contorno corporal a través de una intervención quirúrgica.

Si bien los cirujanos han buscado constantemente el modo de mejorar los resultados e intentar que el tratamiento sea lo menos invasivo posible para los pacientes,

Case 12: Body reshaping with Abdominoplasty and WaterJet-liposuction

This case presents with typical female problems following weight loss and/or pregnancy.
Bulging skin and fat in the abdomen, bulky fat deposits on the lower back and sides.
Under these circumstances, abdominoplasty can achieve very impressive results.

The most decisive factor a great outcome is maximum muscle tightening which contributes greatly to flattening of the abdominal area.

Case 11: Recontouring with BodyJet Liposuction and Abdominoplasty

This patient suffered from extreme bulging of the abdominal wall and lateral love handle fat deposits. Full abdominoplasty and water-jetstream assisted liposuction of the sides gave this patient a very drastic improvement of her shilouette.

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Case 10: Body reshaping with Abdominoplasty and WaterJet-liposuction

For patient who suffer from post pregnancy or weight loss changes, tummy tuck surgery (Abdominoplasty) is a great option to restore their body aesthetics. The principle is to resect saggy skin and redundant fat in the central abdominal area, tightening of the rectus abdominus muscle as well as waterjet assisted Liposuction to the flanks.

The gentle waterjet technology enables significnatly more tissue removal than conventional liposuction.

Case 8: Abdominoplasty

This case shows a nice example of the positive effect of abdominoplasty surgery. The patient had a somewhat extreme bulging of abdominal content, lax skin and fat deposits on her sides. Full abdominoplasty with midline hernia repair, rectus muscle plication and BodyJet liposuction on the flanks was performed. The scar in abdominoplasty surgery is normally of very good quality and not very conceivable.

Case 4: After pregnancy

We present the case of a patient with severe abdominal muscle distension and a midline hernia.
This problem is frequent in patients who have given birth to twins and/or have children with a very high birth weight. Objectives in this case were both aesthetic as well as functional. Repair of the midline hernia and plication of the rectus muscles was performed together with a full abdominoplasty.

Case 3: Tummy tuck in combination with Aquashape Jetstream liposuction

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in combination with Aquashape Jetstream liposuction. High definition laser liposuction (BodyTite system was added for best possible definition and sculpting. 42 year old patient with moderate skin excess and muscle distension. We did originally recommend BodyTite laser sculpting only, in order to achieve improvement of the projection of her abdomen and retraction of the skin.

Case 2: Abdominoplasty with Water Jetstream liposuction

45 year old patient with significant abdominal muscle distension and excess of skin and fat. She had been advised that an extended Abdominoplasty with incisions extending onto her back may be necessary. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) including waterjet/laser liposuction to flanks and back was performed in the first place.

The muscle plication during the Abdominoplasty lead to a flat abdomen,

Case 25: Video-presentation Supercharged Breast Augmentation

In this before and after video, see the result of Dr.Alexander Aslani performing breast augmentation using 295cc anatomical implants and fat supergrafting. Note how the fatgrafting closes the gap between the breasts.

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