mapeo por ultrasonido

Ultrasound mapping

Ultrasound mapping for BBL fatgrafting is a huge asset for further improving patient safety.
In this picture you see our Dr. Gomez Bravo doing ultrasound mapping which means measuring the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue at various reference points.

We like to compare this with creating a «nautical chart» which is enormously useful to the surgeon who wants to assure complete subcutaneous fat infiltration.


Case of the month December 2016

This month of December 2016, we share this beautiful case of «Brazilian» Abdominoplasty.

This means that we used the fat routinely removed from the love handles during the Abdominoplasty procedure for «curving out»the central buttocks. It is a very effective adjunct to the Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure and helps to make the waistline look slimmer

See our gallery cases to see how we perform,