Supercharged Composite Breast Augmentation

Supercharged Composite Breast Augmentation

Composite breast augmentation (also called “Supercharged” or “LipoImplant” Augmentation) allows us to take breast augmentation with implants to a new level of perfection.

Experience with supercharged composite breast augmentation

Cirumed Clinic Marbella is a European leader in fat transfer for buttock and breast reshaping and enhancement. Our team of surgeons, headed by Dr. Alexander Aslani has specialized in Water-Jetstream assisted fat transfer (BodyJet and BodyJet EVO) technology since 2009 and perform hundreds of fat transfer cases every year.
Cirumed surgeons have presented their experience with this technique on various international conferences.

Top technology in breast augmentation surgery

In our hands, Water Jetstream assisted fat transfer has proven to be the ideal technique for large volume fat transfer with excellent long term outcomes. Fat graft take is significantly better as compared to conventional fat harvest techniques.

Fat transfer breast augmentation alone is limited in size increase. Modern Silicone gel implants are top quality, but stay short of perfection regarding cleavage shaping, gap between the breasts and palpability.
Supergrafting of silicone breast augmentation unites the best of both worlds and achieves the best results.

Superercharged breast augmentation is technically challenging and requires a lot of experience with micro-fatgrafting techniques, but it is an extremely rewarding approach.

The combination or fat and implants has been the “hot” topic at the ASAPS meeting of the American Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgeons in New York in April 2013.

It is currently seen as the top technology in breast augmentation surgery and takes results as close to perfect as possible.Supergrafting alos give excellent results in patients with saggy breasts. In many cases, supergrafting can achieve excellent results without much scarring.

More natural: feel better, look better

Composite breast augmentation results are more natural, feel better and look better than breast augmentation with implants alone.

Combining fat grafting and breast implants to give optimal shape and size in augmented breasts, this procedure can help whether you already have breast implants or if you are considering breast augmentation.

Who is it for?

Supercharged Composite (“LipoImplant “) breast augmentation is ideal for women who:

  • Want a completely customized breast augmentation procedure
  • Desire maximum cleavage and fullness in the upper breast
  • Do not have enough breast tissue to cover implants
  • Have uneven, narrow, or tuberous breasts
  • Have breasts that have shrunk since your breast augmentation procedure
  • Have an additional “problem zone” of localized subcutaneous fat that they would be happy to get rid off

B-Lite lightweight breast implants

Cirumed Clinic is excited to be one of only Plastic surgery departments in Spain to dispose of B-lite lightweight breast implants. Read more…

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Frequently asked questions about Composite Breast Augmentation

What is the recovery?

Recovery after supercharged breast augmentation is identical to breast augmentation alone. We calculate 4-5 days of recovery. The recovery is mainly due to the breast implants, the additional Water-jetstream assisted fat harvest is usually not even noticed by most patients since they are so focussed on the recovery of their breasts. Our protocols recommend one night stay in hospital.

For out of town patients we recommend a one week stay in Marbella.

What are the aesthetic advantages of Composite Breast Augmentation ?

Composite breast augmentation results are more natural, feel better and look better than augmentation with breast implants alone.

Even with submuscular placement of breast implants, the side and bottom of the breast implant in breast enlargement with implants alone are not covered by muscle.

Because of the shape or location of your breasts, breast implants may not be able to provide you with the desired amount of cleavage or fullness in the upper part of the breast.

Supercharged composite breast augmentation allows the surgeon to make up for this by placing additional fat on the inside of the breast to create cleavage or on the upper part of the breast to create fullness.

Supercharged breast augmentation is also the ideal solution for patients who have a large gap between the breasts and want to close this gap.

Narrow breasts that do not match the shape of the breast implant may not be able to achieve the look you desire. Supercharged composite breast augmentation can allow us to reshape your breast so the breast implant fits better and gives a more natural appearance.

This makes it the ideal tool for breast augmentation of tuberous breasts, since fat grafting can be used to widen the narrow base of the breast.

What are the medical advantages of Composite Breast Augmentation ?

The breast implant actually compresses breast tissue over time, so if you have experienced a loss in volume in your breasts since your breast augmentation, supercharged composite breast augmentation can be used to restore your results to their previous appearance.

So if you do not have enough breast tissue, the implant may still be visible, and you can experience an unnatural appearance or even rippling of the implant.

Supercharged composite breast augmentation allows us to take fat from elsewhere on your body and use it to conceal the breast implant.

Our surgeons have got excellent experience in the treatment if rippling and capsular contracture with fat grafting in patients who had previously had breast augmentation with implants alone.

Supercharged breast augmentation is also an excellent option for reaugmentation. This is for patients who have had a previous breast augmentation with siilicone gel implants alone, and now want some further augmentation without necessarily resorting to bigger implants.

An excellent option for Re-augmentation

Finally, composite breast augmentation can be used to fine-tune the results of your breast augmentation to give you exactly the look you desire. This is good for correcting asymmetry in the breasts or just for making sure your results are just what you want them to be.

Many patients who have previously had breast augmentation with implants alone want a little bit more volume without exchanging the implants. In those cases, fat grafting “on top” of preexisting implants gives great results and excellent patient satisfaction.

What is the so called “secondary benefit”?

Our surgeons have used the composite breast augmentation technique since 2009 in hundreds of cases, combining high-end cohesive silicone gel implants with water-jetstream assisted fat grafting.

Supercharged breast augmentation achieves better aesthetics a more natural feel and better soft tissue protection of implants

Is mammography a problem after composite fat transfer breast augmentation ?

No. In composite breast augmentation ,the breast is injected with very fine cannulas into the plane between breast tissue and skin.
It is easy for any routined radiologist to differentiate between injected fat and changes in the breast tissue.

Why Cirumed ?

Concerning fat grafting surgery in particular, our surgeons are leaders in large volume fat transfer surgery. We have used water jetstream assisted fat transfer with great success for a great variance of both aesthetic as well as reconstructive procedures.

Our surgeons perform very large numbers of fat grafting cases every year, mostly to breasts and buttocks, and have more experience with this technology than any other center in Europe.

Cirumed Clinic Marbella is also the first and only center in Spain to dispose of the Bodyjet EVO system, which is the second generation of Water-Jetstream liposuction technology.

Dr. Aslani looks back at a career spanning two decades and more than 14000 operations. He is Medical Director at Cirumed Clinic.

To learn more about this cutting-edge technique in breast augmentation, please schedule a Supercharged Breast Augmentation consultation in Cirumed Clinic Marbella.


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