This patient did originally approach us requesting fat transfer breast augmentation only. We did not regard this as a feasible solution since she had not enough fat to spare. In thin patient implants only tend to be noticeable and are prone to a somewhat unnatural look. This is because there is not enough soft tissue covering the implant.

In this case we combined 225cc cohesive silicone gel implants with 130cc of microdroplet fat grafts into the subcutaneous layer.

We have made excellent experience with a combined approach, also none as “supercharged” breast augmentation. In this technique, we combine a relatively small cohesive silicone gel implant with a spread of microdroplet fat implants into the subcutaneous tissue layer.

Supercharged breast augmentation gives a much more natural feel of breast implants. Patients do also appreciate the possibilities to enhance areas of special interest, like the cleavage area or reduction the gap between breasts. In this case, the patient achieved her two main objectives: a very natural feel and yet a feminine,full cleavage.

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