Supercharged composite breast augmentation is currently the most sophisticated approach to aesthetic breast surgery. Our protocol for supercharged breast augmentation combines use of a small, high quality silicone gel breast implant and fine shaping of the breast with subcutaneous micrografting of the patient’s own fat.

In the case shown here, the patient put great emphasis on a very full and feminine cleavage and yet was very adamant to have minimal implant palpability. In this case, we first placed a moderate profile silicone gel implant in a submuscular position. Simultaneously, fat was harvested from the patient’s outer thighs with BodyJet EVO lipotransfer system. The graft was purified and 100 cc of fat graft injected into the subcutaneous plane of the breast with microinjection technique.

Excellent take of the fat graft. The patient now has a full cleavage and yet an extremely natural feel of her breasts. Supercharged breast augmentation is the top solution for patient’s seeking the best possible result in aesthetic breast augmentation surgery. To our experience, outcome both regarding look and feel are significantly superior as compared to breast augmentation with implants alone

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