RibMold is a Rib-Safe contouring surgery, also known as “waist slimming surgery without removing the ribs”. One of the characteristics of a female body is a pronounced waist. The surgery is crafted to amplify the innate contours of the waistline, in female body contouring surgery, the aim is to achieve an appropriate waist-to-hip ratio. Rib molding surgery, a minimally invasive procedure, proves beneficial in addressing conditions such as a broad rib cage, aiding body feminization in transgender patients. It’s particularly suitable for individuals who’ve undergone multiple liposuctions and seek further refinement, as well as those who, despite being thin, desire to enhance their waistline. It also serves as a complementary procedure to abdominoplasty for extended waist shaping.


The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Through two small incisions in the back, an instrument is inserted to make a partial fracture of the so-called “floating ribs”, thus allowing the waist to be shaped. The ribs are not completely fractured and do not need to be removed.

This procedure offers the possibility to reduce the waist circumference by 4 to 15 cm, depending on the individual case. The final result depends to a large extent on the disciplined use of the corset.

As for all surgeries, some routine pre-operative testing is required. Specifically for this surgery, a 3-D chest computed tomography (CT) scan is required for a preoperative assessment.

Ribmold At a Glance

  • Expected Results: A slimmer waistline
  • Treatment Time: 1 hours
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia
  • Recovery Period: 6 weeks / 3 months with corset


Generally, the stay in the clinic after surgery is one night.

Pain is similar to any other surgery and naturally varies between patients and postoperative analgesic management is given.

The patient can lead a normal life, only avoiding sports or impact activities for the first three months, and during this time after surgery it is necessary to wear a corset, this is very important, as 50% of the success of the procedure is post-surgical care.

From time to time, the corset will be adjusted, thus gradually reducing the waist circumference.

The innovative waist narrowing procedure is performed in just 30 minutes, and can be combined with a main procedure, such as a BBL or Supercharged BBL etc, or as a stand alone treatment.

  • RibMold: From time to time, the corset will be adjusted, thus gradually reducing the waist circumference.

Before and After

Ribmold FAQs

When will I wear my corset if I combine with another procedure?

The first week of surgery you wear an adjustable velcro belt, after one week we change to a corset.

When will I wear my corset if I do RibMold as a stand alone treatment?

The corset will be worn immediately.

How long can I rest from the corset?

Remove the brace only for showering (5 or 10 minutes a day).

How do I adjust the corset?

Adjust only the middle and lower part of the corset, the upper part of the corset does not adjust, it should be in a “V” shape.
The first week adjust by 1cm every few days.

What medication will I take?

Painkillers and antibiotics, we also prescribe sleeping medication for the first few days. Take only the medication prescribed by your doctor; if you are taking any other medication prescribed by another professional, you must inform us before the surgery.

When can I start training?

No sport until after 3 months.

When can I go swimming in the pool?

For three months avoid: pool bathing, swimming, sauna and Turkish bath.

Your RibMold Surgery in Marbella

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