For cases of moderate breast sagginess, our surgeons very much like to work with a combination approach of teardrop implants, fatgrafting for skin fill and donut adjustment of skin.

In suitable cases, a very nice result can be achieved in these patients actually avoiding the more extensive mastopexy approaches (lollipop, T-scar).

The series here shows the importance of teardrop implants for this purpose. The upward slope of these implants acts as a pillar for the breast and helps to support the breast.

The patient shown here had been recommended an anchor scar breast uplift by 3 different surgeons before seeing us, and these patients are usually most delighted to get away with just a scar sparing solution.



Supercharged breast augmentation is a special clinical interest of our surgeons at Cirumed Clinic Marbella. The procedure has already gained popularity in the United States.
Over the last five years, this has become our standard approach to breast augmentation.
Our broad experience with this technique has made Cirumed surgeons referents for this combination.
See Dr.Aslani’s lecture on Supercharged breast augmentation at the International Plastic Surgery congress (IPRAS) in Nice, France 2015

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