Body feminization, also known as transgender surgery or male-to-female body contouring, allows transgender females to acquire the characteristics of a feminine body. If you want an MTF hourglass figure, we provide personalized solutions for MTF feminization. The experts at Cirumed Clinic take an individualized approach to body feminization procedures. Through careful consideration, they put together personalized treatment plans based on your unique needs and expectations, ensuring your outside appearance aligns with your identity.

What is Body Feminization?

The aim of body feminization is to provide you with the attributes characteristic of a womanly figure. A series of procedures are involved in this bespoke treatment, which can enhance the shape of your hips and buttocks. The goal is to make you feel more comfortable with your appearance, ensuring your external appearance aligns with your gender identity. The body feminization procedure may necessitate an overnight stay in our clinic — you can avail of our transportation services.

Body Feminization At a Glance

  • Expected Results: A more feminine body shape
  • Treatment Time: 3 to 4 hours
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia
  • Recovery Period: 6 weeks

Body Feminization Treats:

  • Transgender patients
  • Slim hips
  • Smaller buttocks
  • Flatter buttocks

The Feminine Body Contouring Procedure

The specific procedures performed during body feminization are unique to you. Everyone has unique goals and requirements, and your surgeon will curate a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. Creating a feminine-looking figure will require fat transfer and, in some cases, the insertion of silicone implants to accentuate various areas of the body. In some cases, depending on the base of the patient, a second round might be required.

Your bespoke treatment plan may include Liposculpture, BBL, or Supercharged BBL.

  • Liposculpture: We use a hollow cannula device to extract unwanted or excess fat cells from targeted parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, or shoulders. This procedure is suitable for MTF shoulder reduction and to help you achieve a contoured body.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift: The extracted fat cells are carefully injected into targeted locations on the hips and buttocks to help you achieve a curvaceous, feminine, hourglass figure. LipoSculpture and BBL are used for MTF fat distribution.
  • Supercharged BBL: If you don’t have enough excess fat cells in donor sites for a traditional BBL, the plastic surgeon may perform a Supercharged BBL. This procedure involves combining fat grafts with butt implants to facilitate transgender hip surgery.

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Body Feminization FAQs

Who is suitable for body feminization?

Body feminization is often requested by transgender patients who wish to remodel the appearance of their bodies. Undergoing this significant transformation involves some massive life-changing decisions, and our experts understand and appreciate this procedure’s impact. Often a big part of a long and arduous journey, body feminization helps transgender patients feel more confident about their appearance and body while improving their outlook on life.

Is it safe?

Body feminization often includes liposculpture and the insertion of implants, both of which are safe procedures to undergo. Our expert doctors are highly-skilled and completely focused in this special field of surgery, and their proficiency makes them uniquely capable of recommending the most suitable procedures for you and your expectations.

Does it hurt?

The procedures involved in body feminization may involve making multiple incisions on the skin, so we generally place the patient under general anesthesia. We also recommend using local anesthesia in the lower back, especially for buttock implants, to help with pain relief. The procedure is completely painless because of anesthesia, but you may experience some discomfort post-operation.

How do I prepare for surgery?

As with many other surgical procedures, patients will benefit from avoiding nicotine and smoking four weeks before and four weeks after surgery. You may also be asked to stop taking certain medications. You will be required to fast before the procedure, and you must ensure that all other concerns have been discussed with our team.

Is there any aftercare to consider?

Most surgical procedures will require a period of rest and relaxation post-surgery, and body feminization is no different. To allow your body to heal and recover effectively, you will need to avoid strenuous activities. Compression garments are necessary for your recovery and results. Patients will be provided with a special pillow to use while sitting — this should be placed behind the knees to avoid pressure on the buttocks. When sleeping, you must sleep on your front, not the back or sides. Our team will provide an overview of your post-treatment recovery guidelines.

Can multiple procedures be carried out at once?

Body feminization is a collection of male-to-female body contouring procedures. During a typical body feminization surgery, the plastic surgeon combines LipoSculpture for fat extraction with careful, strategic fat grafts and butt implants, depending on your unique needs. The goal is to facilitate MTF fat distribution, helping you achieve a feminine hourglass figure, so the surgeon must combine multiple procedures.

How soon will I notice changes in my body?

MTF body contouring produces instant results. The excess fat cells are suctioned out of targeted body areas and transferred to the hips and buttocks, helping you achieve a narrower waist and shoulders and more curvaceous hips. While this procedure produces instant results, you will truly appreciate the outcome after the healing process, which should take a few weeks.

Your Feminine Body Contouring Surgery in Marbella

Cirumed Clinic is a luxurious plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic on Costa Del Sol, led by a talented team of plastic surgeons and physicians. Our plastic surgeons discuss your unique goals and requirements to curate the ideal body contouring transgender surgery plan according to your unique gender identity and expectations. Whether you want MTF hit widening surgery, feminization of breasts, or the perfect MTF hourglass figure, we ensure naturalized results in accordance with your goals. Please schedule your feminine body contouring surgery in Marbella today.

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