A Marbella success story Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Aslani is now offering his extensive expertise and state-of-the-art treatments at surgeries in Marbella and Málaga

The plastic and cosmetic surgery scene in Marbella has traditionally always been a vibrant one, with some turbulent times in recent years. Now, plastic surgery in Marbella has received a very special recognition: Dr. Alexander Aslani was appointed as head of the department of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of Hospital Quiron in Málaga last November. Dr. Aslani is one of Marbella’s best- known plastic surgeons, with his private practice, Cirumed Clinic, located right in Marbella centre. Hospital Quiron is Spain’s largest private hospital, with leading centres across Spain, some of which have already received recognition as university teaching centres. As director of plastic and recon- structive surgery, Dr. Aslani had been travelling between the UK and Marbella in recent years. We spoke to him about the new challenge, which without a doubt is also an achievement for Marbella as a place of quality medicine.

Congratulations… we understand you must be very happy about your appointment as director of plastic surgery at Quirón Marbella…

Happy and honoured. Competition for this position was very challenging indeed, comprising some of Spain’s top plastic surgeons.

Has the work as director of the new department met your expectations so far?

In many ways, they have been exceeded. Quirón has made enormous investments, especially into the plastic surgery department, giving us complete gearing for a full reconstructive microsurgery service. The working preconditions for me and my team are fantastic, to say the least.

What does the department focus on?

Our main focus is reconstructive surgery of the female breast after cancer. There is an enormous demand for such surgery; currently only one out of 10 women who lose their breasts because of cancer have a reconstruction. In all honesty, I don’t know why the number is so low. Losing a breast is a very traumatic incidence for every woman affected, and satisfaction rates after a reconstruction are very high. We offer breast reconstruction with the patient’s own tissue, normally from the abdomen or the buttocks, as a microsurgical tissue transfer.

We hear that you have taken another well-known surgeon from Marbella with you…

Dr. Manuel Ortiz has been senior consultant of the department from the first hour. It would be impossible without him. Dr. Ortiz is a reconstructive head and neck surgeon with an enormous experience in microsurgical reconstruction, and has worked in the United States. He has been head of the head and neck surgery unit of the university hospital Rosario in Argentina for many years. Surgeons of his calibre do not grow on trees. I am very happy to have Dr. Ortiz with me. We furthermore have two resident surgeons and a wound care specialist in the team.

What has changed at Cirumed Clinic?

A lot. We have expanded the facilities. With Dr. Ramin Pakzad, we have been able to recruit one of Marbella’s top gynecologists for the clinic. Dr. Pakzad has introduced the 4D breast ultrasound, which is a great asset for breast screening. We have also expanded to have more room for aesthetic treatments.

Where do you see the next revolution in cosmetic surgery?

In cosmetic surgery revolutions come and go. Not all are meant to stay. If I was asked, where do I see the greatest potential, in the near future it would likely be fat transplantation. Recent refined techniques have made results much more predictable and longer lasting than in the past.

We have heard that you also have laser liposuction…

Yes, we do. It is a great solution for many patients; however, there are some restrictions for others. But for the right indication laser liposuction can yield fantastic results with little surgical distress; it always depends on the amount of fat a patient wants removed.

Have you had plastic surgery on yourself yet?

Not yet, but now you mention it… never say never.

Where is life better: in Marbella or in Málaga?

This question impossible to answer – two great and magic places. Although they are in close proximity, they could hardly be more different. I think a combination of the two is the perfect solution…

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