Patient reviews plastic surgery

Hi, I had brazilian butt lift with Dr. Aslani back in March this year. I am more then satisfied with my results.

I think Dr. Aslani is a evry dedicated doctor with passion for his work.

My body was Ok before the surgery, but I had no buttocks at all.

I’m so happy about my new shape I feel myself more confident and I left all the insecurities behind me

I’m so grateful to Dr Aslani and his amazing team for the time they took with me and the care they showed.

Dr Aslani did an amazing job with me,

I had Braziliian butt lift surgery at Cirumed Clinic Marbella with Dr. Aslani and Dr.Hamers

It was a rather big operation they put me nearly 1200cc into each buttock cheek

I was scared to travel for my surgery but I felt looked after very well. My pics are my thank you to the team!

I had butt reshaping with the cirumed team

Luckily I had more than enough fat to use so the doc did not need to resort to implants.

He injected 1000cc into each side of my bum. I have achieved a very female hourglass shape. My pics are my thank you to the team.

I’m very happy with my results. I made my Brazilian Butt Lift in Malaga, Spain, with Dr. Aslani and I think I’ll never regret about that.

Very happy with my surgery, I made a buttock augmentation with implants, and these are my post-surgery pictures

Very happy for trust in Dr. Aslani

This is my second round of BBL, first time was perfect, my figure changed completely, but this time has been amazing my butt looks perfect now

I’m in love with the results of my Brazilian butt lift surgery

I’m very happy about my decision, I was scared days before surgery, but today I can say that I’m in love with my BBL, best decision forever!!

Im very lucky to of discovered Dr Aslani & his wonderful team. I feel like I’m a member of a secret elite club 🙂

From start to finish cirumed clinic has been so professional. All my questions answered promptly. Quirion hospital staff, aftercare & follow up Skype calls etc.

His passion for his job took away any fear I had for my procedure &

I’m so happy with my decision to have this as it’s been LIFE CHANGING for me

Dr Aslani is a fantastic and fair surgeon

He doesnt just tell you what you want to hear, he is honest with his patients which is very important, even though he is very busy he took time to come see me after surgery several times,

M.A., from Paris (France), 24 years old, Buttock augmentation with implants and fatgrafting, in Cirumed Clinic, Marbella

C.D. London (UK). Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. Awesome results!

M.G. Yorkshire (UK). She did supercharged breast augmentation in Cirumed Clinic

Brazilian butt lift with fatgrafting and CeluTite

B.D. Manchester, UK,Brazilian butt lift fat transfer 900cc per cheek

A.S. 34 years old, from Liverpool, UK.

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

S. D. 21 years old, from Munich (Germany)

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

R.D. is 27 years old, from London (U.K.), Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, 900cc each side

C.M. from Marbella (Spain), Procedure: Supercharged buttock implants

K.G. is 28 years old, from Lyon, France. Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift


L. P. 32 years old, from Amsterdam

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

R. F. Paris (France) Brazilian butt lift fat transfer 1800cc per cheek

Brazilian Butt Lift

I am 31 years old and I live in Germany. In the summer I decided to go to Marbella for the brazilian butt Lift.

A friend of mine was there too in March. And the results was wonderful. She was so happy with Dr. Aslani.

I recommend this clinic to every woman who thinks about having a breast surgery.

Especially if you are told you need a breast lift, I was told by several other surgeons I need an vertical scar and look how nice my breasts look without this extensive scar. They were great in recomending me this,

To start my review i must say, Dr. Aslani has changed my life for a 200 % better! I feel so much more self secure and happy with my body.

Already during my pregnancy my abdomen started with stretchmarks that really scarred and depressed me. I live in Marbella where you live at the beach during half of the year,