Otoplasty Ear correction

Otoplasty Ear correction

Protruding ears are rarely too big.

The problem is that the cartilage of the ear has not developed properly which means that the natural puckering of the cartilage which draws the ears in is missing.
During otoplasty surgery the form of the ear is corrected and the ear is “pinned back”. Cartilage is weakened and removed from behind the ear in order to correct the shape of the ear. In extreme cases it may be necessary to remove excessive muscle tissue from behind the ear.

Results in a natural looking outer ear

A successful ear reshaping operation results in a natural looking outer ear. The ear must not look too flat or have abrupt corners and edges. Most otoplasty surgeries are performed on children before entering school or shortly after, to spare them the psychologic teasing of their schoolmates. We usually recommend to correct severe deformities of protruding ears before children a 6 years of age.
In adults the operation is always performed under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis.
 In severe cases, your health insurance provider may contribute to the costs of otoplasty surgery. Otoplasty (ear reshaping) is an ambulatory procedure where patients go

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Frequent questions about Otoplasty

Who is the best candidate for the procedure?

Good candidates for an otoplasty include individuals who are physically healthy, realistic in their expectations, and interested in improving the appearance of their protruding ears. The procedure can be performed on both adults and children who do not like the apperance of their ears.

Are there any age restrictions for who can undergo surgery?

Most otoplasties are performed around the age of five, before children go to school. In adults, the otoplasty operation can be performed at nearly any age.

How long is the surgical time for it?

The otoplasty procedure typically takes about one to two hours to complete.


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