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    Botolinum Therapy

    Wrinkle therapy Botox, is excellent way to prevent facial aging

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Aesthetic medicine wrinkle therapy

Botolinum Therapy (Botox)

Wrinkle therapy with botulinom toxine A, is a very effective and frequently performed procedure all around the world.

The therapy consists in a few injections with a very fine needle in the desired area to achieve reduced mussels movements and by doing so reduced appearance of facial wrinkles. The results normally last for about four month and should be repeated when the results a decreasing.

Botox is an excellent way to prevent facial aging. It stops the appearance of deep facial wrinkles especially in the forehead area.

Filler Therapy

Filler Therapy with Hyaluronic Acid is a stand alone Therapy for deeper and permanent wrinkles, mostly in the face, but also elsewhere in the body. The Therapy can also be used in combination with Botolinum Therapy to achieve an even better and more permanent result.

The Filler is injected directly in the wrinkle and leads to a flattening of the wrinkle, a swelling and bruising may occur, this will vanish within two or thee days. The effect will last for six to 18 month depending on the area and the deepness of the wrinkles.

Our surgeons also specialize in the transfer of the patients own fat. If larger quantities of filler are required, we do usually recommend to use the patient’s fat in a relatively minor office procedure under local anesthetic.

Platelet rich plasma Gel Therapy

Platelet rich plasma Gel Therapy is a wrinkle therapy with a part of your body own blood, that is treated and the re-injected into wrinkles or small irregularities.

Frequently asked questions

Will I see an immediate Result after Botolinum Therapy

No, to see the full effect after the Injection, you need 5 to 10 days to have the full effect. After about 10 days, we offer a follow-up visit.

Does every Botolinum Therapy leads to a mask-like face

No, the mask-like results you know from television is a result from overdosing the botox. If done well, this effect is avoided. Modern Botolinum Therapy just reduces the movement of a few desired face mussels, so there remains a natural face-mimic and also a satisfying wrinkle reduction.


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