Mastopexy Breast Lift

Mastopexy Breast Lift

Repositioning of a saggy and or empty breast into a pleasant, feminine shape and size.

Breast uplift (mastopexy breast lift) surgery involves repositioning of a saggy and or empty breast into a pleasant, feminine shape and size. We focus on scar-sparing breast uplift techniques which provide best results with minimal scarring. Combination of the breast uplift with breast implants or alternatively natural volume restoration with the patient’s own fat is possible and advisable in selected indications.

We specialize in advanced fat transfer techniques

We specialize in advanced fat transfer techniques, especially using fat harvest via water-jetstream liposuction. This technique has the best results in fat transfer technology (exceeding 80% of graft acceptance), and our surgeons have continuously improved this protocol especially with the addition of PRP (platelet rich purified plasma) for growth factor addition.
This enables to very reliably transfer moderate volumes of fat with reabsorption. The “take” rate of fat transfer using the water jetstream fat harvest technique is nearly double as good as with conventional suction and filter techniques. The use of natural volume restoration with lipofilling is ideal for mastopexy patients is ideal since in the majority of cases moderate volumes between 200-250cc will be necessary, and such volumes can easily be restored with the patient’s own fat if one uses the jetstream fat harvest technique.

Implants and lipofilling can be combined

Where no fat is available, cohesive silicone gel implants may be used to restore empty breasts. In selected cases, implants and lipofilling can be combined together with mastopexy. Laser scalpel dissection does greatly improve our outcomes regarding scar quality. The procedure does usually involve a one night stay in hospital.

B-Lite lightweight breast implants

Cirumed Clinic is excited to be one of only Plastic surgery departments in Spain to dispose of B-lite lightweight breast implants. Read more…

Mastopexy Breast lift Frequently asked questions:

Am I a good candidate for a Mastopexy breast lift?

A qualified plastic surgeon can determine if you are an ideal breast lift candidate. However, a good candidate is someone with drooping breasts, physically and mentally healthy, and familiar with this plastic surgery procedure.

Will I lose nipple sensation from my Mastopexy breast lift?

There is a small risk of losing nipple sensation although this is not always the case.

Is Mastopexy breast lift a painful procedure? Is there noticeable scarring?

The first day after surgery you will feel some pain, but pain medication will help to reduce discomfort. Over the course of a few days, the pain will subside. Scarring is noticeable with breast lift surgery; however, most patients report that the results are often worth the scars.

What are the advantages a patient can draw from breast uplift surgery?

Patient will notice that Patient’s breasts are firmer and higher. This will help to improve Patient’s confidence and self-esteem. Many patients are happy with the results and report that they feel Patientnger looking and more ‘feminine’. Breast uplift does not increase the size of Patient’s breasts although they may appear larger due to the fact that they are higher and firmer looking. The exception to this is if Patient have combined this procedure with breast augmentation surgery. This surgery will not turn Patient into someone else, such as a film star or a celebrity. It will improve Patient’s appearance but will not recapture Patient’s Patientth. Advances in cosmetic surgery mean that results are more natural looking and successful in the vast majority of cases. At the end of the day, Patient need to have realistic goals about this surgery. Remember though, that Patient’s appearance is just one aspect of who Patient are and that other factors are equally important. In other words, be happy with who Patient are.

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