Has Kim Kardashian had Brazilian butt lift surgery or not?
UK publication “Grazia” has recently fuelled speculations whether the celebrity has enhanced her natural givings with the help of surgery or not. The basis of this are “Twitter” discussions demanding Mrs Kardashian to undergo a scan to prove that her butt was “real”.


While news like these seems to be a bit bizarre, there is no doubt that some selected celebrities have significantly fuelled the demand for shapy buttocks.

“What people ask for today is definitely different to what people asked for 10 years ago”

says Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Clinic and director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Málaga branch of Spain’s famous Quirón hospital.

“Brazilian butt lift is a very interesting procedure from the surgical point of view, since a very impressive change can be achieved without the need for scars, silicone or an extensive recovery.”

Whilst Brazilian butt lift surgery has already conquered the U.S. cosmetic surgery market with impressive increases in numbers of performed procedures during the last decades. In Europe, Cirumed Clinic Marbella is one of the first clinics to specialize in this procedure. Cirumed surgeons look back at hundreds of Brazilian butt lift procedures performed over the last five years.

“I believe Europe will see a similar hype for Brazilian butt lift procedures in coming years. It is without doubt the ultimate beach body procedure, and no other Plastic surgery procedure has an equally impressing benefit profile.”

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