“Supercharging” breast augmentation with implants by adding parasternal fatgrafting for shaping of the cleavage is one of the most rewarding concepts in modern aesthetic breast surgery.

The combination approach enables the surgeon to achieve the desired size and projection, but at the same time fill and shape the cleavage area.
Especially in thin patients, implants only can be somewhat noticeable, and periprosthetic fatgrafting can achieve a much more natural look and feel.

See the before and after video of Supercharged breast augmentation with 300cc anatomical implants and fatgrafting

Supercharged breast augmentation is a special clinical interest of our surgeons at Cirumed Clinic Marbella. The procedure has already gained popularity in the United States.
Over the last five years, this has become our standard approach to breast augmentation.
Our broad experience with this technique has made Cirumed surgeons referents for this combination.
See Dr.Aslani’s lecture on Supercharged breast augmentation at the International Plastic Surgery congress (IPRAS) in Nice, France 2015

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