Combination Liposuction at Cirumed Marbella

Superior results

Combination liposuction combines BodyJet Water Jetstream liposuction for gentle and atraumatic removal of large amounts of fat with High definition Laser liposuction for skin tightening.

Our surgeons have consistently refined their combination liposuction protocol over the last five years, producing consistent superior results with minimal recovery

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Top fat transfer technology

Our surgeons have special clinical interest in natural body contouring using the patients own fat. Cirumed Clinic Marbella is European leader in large volume fat transfer, especially for buttock reshaping (Brazilian but lift).

Cirumed’s director, Dr.Alexander Aslani, has been the first European surgeon ever to be invited lecturer on large volume Brazilian butt lift surgery in front of an international audience.

See a video of Dr. Aslani’s paper presented at IMCAS, the world’s largest cosmetic surgery congress, in Paris 2014.

Another frequent request is simultaneous fat grafting to the breast, either fat transfer breast augmentation alone or in combination with silicone gel implants (Supercharged breast augmentation).

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Better outcomes, lower risk

Combination liposuction reduces the recovery time of conventional liposuction by about half. The skin tightening of laser liposuction gives superior results in body contouring.

Tumescent liposuction versus Water Jetstream

Tumescent liposuction is the most widely practiced form of “conventional liposuction”. Tumescent liposuction works with preinfiltration of rather large amounts of infiltration solution, which are then suctioned under negative pressure. The preinfiltration of fluids distorts tissues and induces fluid shifts.
In contrast to this, Jet liposcution works without extensive preinfiltration. Sculpting of tissue is more precise, and there is less trauma, pain and recovery.

More importantly, Jet liposuction does not damage fat cells as much as conventional liposuction, therewith producing top quality fat for fat grafting procedures.

Liposuction without surgery (Coolsculpting) ?

Coolsculpting is a very exciting option for patients who want to have maximum fat removal without surgery.
Original Zeltiq Coolsculpting is currently the leading non surgical liposuction technology from the United States with over 1 million successful treatments worldwide.

In many patients, we are able to achieve liposuction-like results with Coolsculpting only.

“Coolsculpting makeover” packages with Coolsculpting application to different problem zones can produce very impressive result without surgery.

Frequently asked questions about Liposuction

Do I have to stay in hospital for combination liposuction ?

No. Combination liposuction is a day case surgery, performed under local anesthetic, where patients go home the same day. Exceptions are very extensive liposculpture cases with large volume fat grafting exceeding 2000cc, where one night hospitalization can be recommended.

If I want to include fat grafting does that prolong my recovery?

That depends. Since BodyJet Water Jetstream liposuction is ideal for fatgrafting, many of our patients opt to perfectionize their results by adding the extracted volume to an area where they desire enhancement.

The most popular indications are fat grafting to the face, the breast and the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift).

Brazilian butt lift (Fat transfer to the buttocks) will require some efforts regarding positioning after surgery. Fat transfer breast augmentation or fat grafting to the face do not add any significant recovery.

When do I see results ?

In contrast to “normal” liposuction, combination liposuction produces visible results immediately. However, some element of swelling will occur, which usually disappears within six weeks.

Does combination liposuction involve scars ?

The BodyJet cannula needs an approximately 3mm entry incision. This leaves a little mark which will usually fade over a few weeks.
In dark- skinned individuals this may take a bit longer.

Is fat removal with combination liposuction permanent ?

The fat cells are removed irreversibly so they cannot return. Of course, combination liposuction will not free you from responsibility for your lifestyle

Can the fat that is removed come back ?

Removal of fat cells with combination liposuction is permanent. Removed fat cells cannot come back. Nevertheless, a healthy and responsable lifestyle is recommended.

Will I have irregularities ?

One of the key advantages of BodyJet liposuction is that it enables the surgeon to work more precise without distortion of tissues. Therefore, the incidence of irregularities is greatly reduced in comparison to conventional liposuction.
Temporary lumpiness is normal and likely to resolve without further action in the weeks following surgery.

What are the most common places for additional fat grafting ?

Most patients having combination liposuction will make use of the suitability of Jet liposuction for fat harvest and have fat grafting to a problem zone simultaneously to enhance their result.
Fat transfer as a “collateral benefit” is most popular for breast augmentation, but also to the face and buttock shaping.

Do I need lymphatic drainage after combination liposuction ?

Not necessarily. Jet liposuction is very gentle and does not cause excessive edema, so lymphatic drainage is not as important as in normal liposuction.
If combination liposuction is performed in abdomen (tummy) and love handle area, lymphatic drainage is not usually necessary. For cases of extensive combination liposuction on the legs, it may be added in selected cases.

What is the difference between BodyJet and BodyJet EVO ?

BodyJet EVO is the second generation of jet liposuction, which our surgeons have been using as their gold standard for over five years.
Technical advances in BodyJet EVO include a digitalized fat harvest programme and more fine-tuning of the Water Jetstream.
In our experience, BodyJet EVO has shown to be more effective in large volume fat transfer both regarding harvest speed and graft quality.

Is there a possibility to have my fat removed without surgery ?

Non-surgical fat removal can be achieved with Zeltiq Coolsculpting fat freezing technology.

Coolsculpting works without incisions, surgery or downtime and can produce results very similar to those of surgical liposuction.

In our practice, we recommend patients with moderate, diet resistant fat deposits Coolsculpting as first line treatment. If they want dramatic reshaping, a minimally invasive surgery like Jet liposuction with fat grafting may be preferable.

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