Liposuction Before and After photos, cases operated by Cirumed Clinic surgeons

Case Nº1
Liposculpture “hourglass” applying the combination of LipoJet and lipolaser. A moderate amount of the extracted fat was used as a graft to slightly round the buttocks, which significantly enhanced the final result.

Case Nº2
360 degree liposuction with waist slimming, abdominal marking and fat transfer to the buttocks.

Case Nº3
High definition liposculpture and male abdominal marking.

Case Nº4
Body contouring liposuction with waist reduction. Please note that it has not been transferred. It should be noted that fat transfer to the buttocks has not been done, so the improvement in the appearance of the buttocks is due to the results of liposculpture.

Case Nº5
Waist thinning and abdominal marking in a female patient

Case Nº6
Collateral Liposuction with BodyJet and fat transfer to the hips.

Case Nº7
Slimming and carving of the waist with liposuction. It is worth noting the excellent remodeling even though fat transfer to the buttocks has not been performed.

Case Nº8
Neck liposuction with Neck-Tite technique.

Case Nº9
Male liposuction with vertical abdominal marking.

Case Nº10
Massive liposculpture with Jet/BodyTite combination, and lipotransfer to the buttocks.