We present the case of a 34 years old physically very active patient who saw herself unable to get rid of unwanted fat deposits especially in the area of her saddlebags. This is a very typical area for diet resistant fat storage which cannot be tackled neither with diet nor with exercise.

In this case, precise sculpting of the problematic areas was achieved using the Bodyjet closed suction and irrigation system. The key advantage of this technology is that extensive preinfiltrations are unnecessary, and the sculpting is far more precise as compared to “normal” tumescent liposuction. For tightening of the skin, laser liposuction was added as a second step. The fat removal did not need to be very extensive for a good result, so in this case laser liposuction only to treat a relatively localised amount of fat would have been a reasonable alternative.

However, our clincal experience shows that in all fat removal treatments exceeding 500cc of removed fat (half a litre), the combination of deep liposuction with the BodyJet system together with more superficial laser lipsuction for skin retraction is ideal for best possible results and shortest possible recovery.

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