In recent years, the Costa del Sol has become not just a great area for tourism; many people come for the opportunity to improve their physical appearance by choosing the best plastic surgeon in Marbella.

Spain has become one of the biggest hubs for aesthetic medicine in Europe. This was evident in a study conducted by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, which found that nearly 900,000 treatments were performed in 2021 alone. Great professionals, specialised centres, and high-quality training have made this possible.

Those who wish to improve their physical appearance and shape their body have a multitude of centres available to them, and not just in big cities, but also tourism hubs such as the Costa del Sol. It isn’t always easy to choose, and it’s best not to rush your decision and weigh your options. Before taking the next steps, it’s important to ensure you are placing your trust in the best plastic surgeon in Marbella. The results of the procedure will depend in large part on this.

What you should expect from the best plastic surgeon in Marbella

Only the best plastic surgeon in Marbella can meet all essential requirements that are necessary to guarantee the treatment meets the patient’s expectations and the results are what they were looking for. The list is very long, but a few are especially relevant:

Education and training

In Spain, there is a specialised degree in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. An official degree or officially recognised foreign degree is essential. It is also key that the plastic surgeon chosen is a member of prestigious professional societies and organisations that only those with this indispensable education can form part of.


Knowledge is the foundation, but practise is another fundamental pillar in a discipline as complex as aesthetic surgery. Years of experience provide skills that cannot be gained in any other way.


Aesthetic surgery is a speciality that advances in leaps and bounds and requires ongoing professional training and continuing education. Participation in courses, conferences, seminars, and training sessions is another aspect you must look at when choosing the best plastic surgeon in Marbella.


Awards are a wonderful endorsement of one’s professional career or the quality of care in a medical centre. They are even more valuable if they are awards given by the medical community or professional organisations.

Success stories and patient reviews

Only the best professionals can show an extensive catalogue of successful treatments and interventions. And only the best have many positive reviews from patients they have treated. If you have any doubts, these are two aspects that can help you decide.

Facilities and staff

A good aesthetic surgeon needs a medical centre that can meet his or her needs, with the latest medical advances and qualified staff. This is the only way he or she can offer key services so that patients receive top quality care and carry out the surgery, post-operative care and deal with incidents with full guarantees.

First impressions

First impressions are purely subjective, but are very valuable. Only the best plastic surgeon in Marbella will be able to explain each intervention in a detailed yet simple manner, immediately answer any of the patient’s questions and, of course, offer the most suitable technique or surgery according to a comprehensive evaluation of each case. All of this translates into trust, which is vital when it comes to surgery.

Cirumed Clinic: a luxury, modern, and trustworthy medical centre

Spain is a wonderful country for aesthetic surgery treatments because of its top-quality professionals, centres and services. And within the huge range of possibilities, Marbella has an added bonus: a magnificent climate and idyllic setting for a much more comfortable post-operative period.

Here is where you’ll find Cirumed Clinic, the biggest centre specialising in plastic surgery on the Costa del Sol. The centre is led by Dr Alexander Aslani, who has performed more than 14,000 surgeries in his 24 years of experience. Member of renowned professional societies, he has also served as department chief at the Quirón Málaga and Quirón Marbella hospitals.

What’s more, Cirumed Clinic also has an exceptional medical team and patient care team as well as cutting-edge facilities and the most modern medical equipment. All of this allows the Clinic to safely offer advanced body shaping treatments and satisfactory results for patients.

If you want to place your trust in the best plastic surgeon in Marbella, book your first appointment at Cirumed Clinic. You’ll be cared for by a highly prestigious medical team in a clinic with the most recent advances. If you wish, we can also refer you to luxury accommodation with transportation and nursing services so that your recovery is as comfortable as possible.

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