best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella

best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella

Choosing the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella is a guarantee your dreams will come true. Facial rejuvenation treatments or personalised body shaping allow you to show off that image that helps you feel good. And highly qualified professionals and a centre equipped with the latest advances are key for making the right choice.

Marbella: the epicentre of aesthetic medicine

People are taking more and more interest in their personal image. The data back this up: four out of every ten Spaniards over age 26 have used aesthetic medicine. And the number of aesthetic medicine treatments has increased in recent years: nearly 40% of the population has used it.

What’s more, some of the best clinics in the world are found in Spain. The quality of services as well as the high degree of specialisation have made Spain the second country in Europe and the fifth worldwide in aesthetic treatments. This is one of the main reasons to trust the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella.

There are renowned specialists who work in luxury clinics in this Costa del Sol town. This, together with an exceptional climate for the most comfortable recovery possible, make Marbella the ideal destination for treatments to help you achieve the personal image you want.

How to choose the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella

Even for treatments that don’t require surgery, choosing a centre and a professional you can trust in is important. To avoid making a mistake when choosing the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella, it’s key to consider some aspects:

Medical team

This is a fundamental aspect when choosing the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella. A multidiscipinary team with specialised professionals in different areas of aesthetic medicine and demonstrable experience is the best guarantee.

The surgeon’s approach

Not all professionals have the same perspective. The bests clinics offer the possibility of an initial appointment with the surgeon. This allows for personalising treatment and checking if their style fits with the results you want.

Personalised care

Another aspect that sets the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella apart is that the same team will take care of the patient from the very first appointment to the final discharge.


Only the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella can offer cutting-edge facilities with teams and services that allow for offering comprehensive patient care.

Success stories

If you have any doubts, it’s good to have other patients’ opinions about what they consider to be the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella and proven success stories. This can be found with just a quick online search.

Why Cirumed Clinic is the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella

At Cirumed Clinic, we work to offer our patients the best care. We have a magnificent team of professionals that includes plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, and specialised nurses. The team is led by Alexander Aslani, a specialist in advanced body shaping procedures.

Thanks to our team, we can offer personalised care from the very first appointment. Each treatment is specially designed for each patient, taking into account their physical characteristics and expectations. The same team then closely monitors the patient’s progress.

What’s more, at Cirumed Clinic, we are specialists in both plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. At our centre, we do everything from facial treatments with platelet-rich plasma or hyaluronic acid fillers to Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, or body feminisation procedures.

All of this is offered in a luxury clinic with the most advanced medical technology and equipment to guarantee the safety of our patients. We offer our patients a full-service experience, organising everything from transport to lodging.

For all of these reasons and for the hundreds of patients who have achieved the new image they’ve always been dreaming of, we can boast of being the best aesthetic medicine clinic in Marbella. You too can be one of our satisfied patients: book your appointment now and take the first step toward changing your life.