How long a butt lift lasts is a common question among patients who decide to shape and enhance this part of their figure. But there is no universal answer. It depends on the type of procedure to increase the volume of the buttocks, whether you follow the recommendations given by the surgeon during the postoperative period, and your lifestyle after the intervention.

However, it is true that the results will last for many years. They can even last for decades. To get an approximate idea of how long a butt lift lasts, the first step is to know the different techniques used.

What techniques are used for a butt lift?

In simple terms, there are three different techniques for shaping and adding volume to the buttocks:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): this technique consists of transferring fat cells taken from parts of the body where they are abundant (normally the abdomen, arms, or thighs) to the buttocks. This way, you not only lift the butt, you also shape the area where the fat is taken from.
  • Silicone implants: this is a more invasive technique that requires surgery to place a prosthesis.
  • Supercharged BBL: this is a mixed technique that combines the previous two. It is ideal for patients who do not have sufficient fat deposits for a BBL and want to have a more voluminous, firm butt.

Choosing a good surgeon is fundamental. Their experience and professionalism play a decisive role in one of the aspects that patients are most concerned about: knowing how long the butt lift lasts.

Why is it so important? Only a surgeon experienced in butt lifts can evaluate each patient’s characteristics and choose the most appropriate technique for each case. In this regard, not just body shape influences this decision, but the final goal of the surgery—whether you want to shape, lift, or increase volume—does too.

How long a butt lift lasts according to the technique used

All of the techniques used are highly reliable and the results last for years. Know that even when implants are used, the materials prostheses are made from nowadays are very safe and long-lasting. It is not necessary to replace the implants except in exceptional cases or if the patient wishes to do so if, after a time, they are not comfortable with the results. In this case, results can last longer than ten years.

The Brazilian butt lift technique can have results that are practically permanent. The transferred cells adhere to the area treated and behave exactly as they did in the original location. It is true that the body can reabsorb part of this fat, but this is an aspect experienced surgeons take into account when they perform the surgery.

Nevertheless, the answer to how long a butt lift lasts is much more complex. The reason is because there are aspects that have nothing to do with the surgery and which may affect long-term results. There are basically two factors:

  • Age: after 30 years of age, collagen production in the body declines by around 2% per year. The skin loses elasticity and volume is also lost. This means that with time, touch-ups might be needed to maintain the results.
  • Weight: changes in weight are dangerous. The reason is the natural behaviour of the transferred fat, which will shrink or grow according to weight, thus modifying the results obtained with the surgery.

How do I maintain the results of a butt lift?

To show off those firm, voluminous buttocks that shape your figure for many years, it is important to follow some basic recommendations:

  • The postoperative period: the weeks following surgery are key. You must closely follow all instructions your surgeon gives you.
  • Watch your diet: it is recommendable to eat a balanced, healthy diet and avoid foods with lots of empty calories.
  • Maintain your weight: losing weight means that the transferred fat cells become smaller. On the other hand, gaining a few kilos means that these cells will increase in size, just as fat in other parts of the body does. The result is an imbalance in the silhouette.
  • Exercise: is fundamental, as it helps maintain firm, toned muscles.

In short, if you are concerned about how long a butt lift lasts, know that the results are long-lasting. However, placing your trust in a good specialist, following all the instructions they give you, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are key factors for you to be able to show off that figure you’ve always dreamed of and maintain it for many years.

To achieve best results, your decisions are important. So only trust top professionals. At Cirumed, we have a wonderful medical team and facilities with the latest advances in aesthetic medicine. Book an appointment now and show off that body you’ve always wanted.