27 years old patient with very localised fat deposits on her thighs. Minimally invasive Water Jetstream liposuction was performed in combination with High definition laser liposuction.
This protocol is our gold standard for the majority of liposuction cases. In the first step we remove the bulk of fat with Water Jetstream liposuction which is atraumatic and allows very precise shaping, since large injections of fluid as in tumescent liposuction are no longer necessary.

Since Water Jetstream liposuction is also ideal for fat grafting procedures, lipofilling elsewhere can easily be included into the procedure. When coming to the more superficial layers, we change to High definition laser liposuction (Body Tite RF technology,Invasix) which enables effective skin retraction. This example shows the massive impact that even limited fat removal has if well planned and done in the right place. The patient’s overall body contour is completely changed, and to do so, only a limited removal of fat of around 600cc was necessary.

Note the good skin retraction, which is merit of the laser liposuction system. We have advanced to use the second generation technology here, which allows even more skin retraction thanks to temperature control (Bodty Tite system, Invasix).

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Liposucción con Agua-Jet y Lipolaser (sistema BodyTite, Invasix) Liposucción con Agua-Jet y Lipolaser (sistema BodyTite, Invasix)