Gynecomastia (male breast reduction)

Gynecomastia (male breast reduction)

The most frequent request for cosmetic surgery among males

Whilst it is difficult to verify exact statistics, it seems that gynecomastia (male breast reduction, ”moob job” ) is the most frequent request for cosmetic surgery among males, together with liposuction and rhinoplasty. In the United States, gynecomastia operations have risen more than 280% over the last 5 years.

 Combination of Aquashape Water jetstream liposuction and High definition laser

We mainly use the combination of Aquashape  and  laser liposuction technique for gynecomastia(male breast reduction). This is scar-free and has a very short recovery. The minimally invasive jetstream liposuction technique currently makes up for around 90% of our gynecomastia cases. The water jetstream at high pulse rate serves to dissect the residual breast gland without any additional scars. Following the Water Jetstream liposuction it is our protocol to treat the superficial layers with a High definition laser liposuction to achieve effective retraction of the skin.

Local anesthetic - ambulatory

Laser breast reduction (gynecomastia) is performed under local anesthetic and is ambulatory. Patients can go home the same day and no instay is usually required.
We currently manage 97% of our gynecomatia (male breast reduction) cases using this protocol. Patient satisfaction of the jetstream technique is multifold higher than invasive techniques with external scarring. Should you require some more extensive information on this procedure in Cirumed Clinic Marbella, please contact us.

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