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A perfect facelift corrects the different factors contributing to facial aging: sagginess of tissue, loss of volume and lax skin. A fourth culprit, which is fine wrinkling of the skin can be addressed with an additional laser resurfacing.

Sometimes it is sufficient and in fact recommendable to address volume loss only. This is usually done via micro-fatgrafting. This is known as volumetric facelift or Voluma. In suitable patients Voluma can achieve excellent outcomes without any scars.

A variety of scar sparing techniques

If you are a candidate for a volumetric facelift (Voluma)with micro-fatgrafting, you will not need to have any scarring. Voluma does usually give excellent results especially in the age-group from 40-50 years of age.
In case of composite solutions we usually use the MACS minimal scarring technique.
Which solution is best for you will depend on you individual requirements.

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Frequent questions about facelift

What is a scar free facelift?

In the modern understanding of facial aging, volume loss plays a very important role.
Hence, natural volume restoration has come to play a key role in modern facial plastic surgery.

For most patients in the age group 40-50, we are able to achieve excellent results with facial fatgrafting only. In patients older than this, fatgrafting is usually used to enhance the result of a surgical facelift.

Is a scar free facelift a good option for me?

If you want to achieve a fresher and more dynamic look and there is not too much loose skin, then micro-fatgrafting to the face can be an excellent option.
In suitable cases, outcomes are equal to the results of conventional facelift techniques.

Do I have to repeat the fat grafting?

That depends on your genetics and your preferences. The result of micro-fatgrafting in the face are usually very stable.

How long will I be swollen?

Usually about 5.-7 days. Individual variances apply.

What anesthesia is required for my facelift surgery?

If you are a suitable candidate for a volumetric facelift (Voluma), your procedure will usually be under local anesthetic. If a more invasive solution is necessary, this can be either twilight sedation or general anesthetic.

How long do facelift results last ?

This depends very much on each patient’s individual physique. Generally we would expect results to last for about 10-15 years, depending also on lifestyle as well as genetics.

Why combine facelift with fatgrafting ?

Because loss of volume in the face is one of the typical sign of facial aging. Natural volume restoration will create a fresher, more youthful look.

What is a MACS facelift?

MACS facelift stands for “Minimal Cranial Suspension” lift. It is short scar facelift which includes plication of the deeper facial tissues. MACS lift gives excellent results with very little recovery. It has become our workhorse in facelift surgery.
It is a great option for most patients seeking facelift surgery, individual variances apply.

How long till I am social after the procedure ?

Bruising and swelling usually takes about a week to go away


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