The patient shown in this case had some very reasonable skin quality, but was concerned regarding her loss of facial shape and saggy neck. Her preception of her neck being saggy was enhanced by her short chin. A short chin contributes to the perception of an obtuse neck angle. The surgical plan consisted of two components: first, a two level MACS-facelift was performed including fat grafting to the cheekbone area.

Fat grafting is an excellent addition to facelift surgery since it restores a more youthful and pronounced facial anatomy. In the same procedure, we enforced the patient’s chin projection with a small silicone chin implant. Even a relatively small chin implant does usually result in a very favourable change of neck shape.

Together with the enhanced cheek bone projection, the chin implant was an excellent solution to give the patient a more favourable profile.

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Facelift with chin implant Facelift with chin implant Facelift with chin implant