This patient requested a younger and fresher look. She had exposed her skin to the sun extensively during many years and therefore had some significant actinic sun damage. Result is loss of elasticity if the skin and fine wrinkling. Her main concern was the aged and saggy look of her face. We performed natural volume restoration with her own fat in the cheek area. Furthermore, she had tightening of her neck skin with a lower facelift (necklift).

The cheeks is the area where we usually notice aging first. Volume loss leads to an aged and saggy look. Restoration of volume results in an immediately fresher, younger look. We decided not to perform laser skin resurfacing at the same time because the patient did not seem to be too concerned regarding her fine wrinkling. It is wise to use laser skin resurfacing with great caution in all patients with great affinity to the sun.

In such cases, we have made best experience to leave the laser for later should the patient require. This patient was happy with her outcome and did not opt to have further laser resurfacing.

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