In modern cosmetic surgery, hybrid techniques for breast augmentation (supercharging) are a powerful tool to get better results.

This applies especially for breast augmentation where there are two popular options:

1- Cohesive silicone gel implants are available in many different shapes and forms today. Silicone gel implants are rather straightforward to place and provide a very solid, reliable and substantiative material for breast augmentation.

To maintain the form, it is usually advisable to use high or medium cohesivity implants. Low cohesivity implants may not maintain shape and have fallen out of favour in our practice. The shortcomings of high and medium cohesivity implants are palpability, in thin patients sometimes slightly unnatural appearance and lack of ability to bridge the bony intermammary gap.

2- Fat transfer is a fascinating technique for breast augmentation. It is a bit mysthic since one can use the patients own tissue for augmentation and thus achieve very natural results. Modern practice has proven for fat transfer breast augmentation to be completely safe and very reliable.
Nevertheless, fat transfer to the breast has an important limitation: it does not give a large amount of augmentation in one session.
The reason is that there is limited recipient tissue. One cannot graft directly into the breast gland, but only into the muscle and under the skin. With this limitations it is difficult to place very big grafts, like one can for instance do on the buttocks.

In summary: fat gives a more natural touch and implants give the more reliable volume increase.
The combination of both techniques has already become very popular in the U.S.
In Cirumed Clinic, supercharging, i.e. the addition of fatgrafting to silicone gel implants, has become the goldstandard for best possible results in breast augmentation surgery.

Case examples:
Case 1- The patient has a significant gap between her breast. It is not possible to fully address this with implants only. For the best possible result, we used cohesive silicone gel implants combined with periprosthetic fatgrafting. This enabled us to achieve a very natural look and reduce the gap.


Case 2- This is a good example for the shortcomings of implants only breast augmentation. The implants are correctly places touching the sternum (chestbone) but cannot be placed more central to this. The result is okay and the patient seems satisfied with it, but if we had to operate this case again we would be adamant to include fatgrafting to perfectionize the result.


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