Overall my experience with this clinic was very good.
You should not expect an overly empathic surgeon or a surgeon who spends a lot of time with you,but you can expect a surgeon who does a good job.
The staff and the nurses are amazing,Jenny is just incredible and everybody there seems to like what they do,so no complaints in that regard.
My surgery was 4 months back,my results are great……unquestionable.
I had some minor concerns and when I mailed I just got a 4-liner report back.I didn’t even get to speak to Dr.Aslani,I appreciate he is a busy man but I had been hoping for a bit more of personal attention.
No hard feelings, I think such reviews should always be fair and complete, so I honour that I have achieved amazing results and I am very happy,so overall if you want to transform your body a great place to go.
Would I have had a little more time with Dr.Aslani I would even rate the clinic as perfect, but he is definitely very good at what he is doing and his staff is amazing !