I had my operation (Supercharged BBL) at Dr. Aslani. I have to say I’m just so happy, I feel like a new person. I can’t believe what this doctor can do with my body. I’m just super happy even though it’s only the 4th day with my result. He’s a professional and he knows exactly what he’s doing. I am very grateful to him. 🙂

Of course, I was very nervous at the beginning, but as soon as you get to the clinic you will be warmly welcomed by the lovely Jenny, the office manager, who of course speaks German. After that I wasn’t so excited either. Everyone is really nice and you feel right at home. I think that’s an important aspect to make you feel good too.

You are not alone, all questions are answered and if you need help after the operation, a service is offered that you can book extra. I had booked the dear nurse Emma. She visited me twice in my apartment above the clinic. Emma is just great. She tries so hard to wash and dress. Afterwards you feel super fresh and can relax and rest.

Today I had my first massage with Peter, it was very pleasant and he himself was very nice and professional. The massage did so well. I’m looking forward to the next massage.

In any case, I can only recommend this clinic, the doctor and his team to you. You will want for nothing. My experience so far, everything is just perfect and I feel very comfortable.

Thank you thank you thank you🙃