I am two months post my bbl surgery with Dr Aslani. The difference in my shape is amazing, people are very shocked when I show them before and after pictures. Dr Aslani is honest and won’t sugar coat anything or tell you lies. I had too much fat to take at once so will have a round two but it’s half the price. Dr Aslani will not perform unsafe surgery so would not take all the fat at once. I have had so many positive comments on my new shape and I can finally wear tight dresses. All the staff at Cirumed are lovely and so helpful. My patient coordinator Carolina is very good and helpful. I recommend staying in the curvy when you are recovering as I couldn’t have done it without the staff there. Nora, Sam and Christina are amazing and will do anything to help you feel comfortable. The food is amazing and all home cooked. I have made friends with other girls at the curvy going through the same things as me. I wouldn’t trust any Dr to perform butt jobs as well as Aslani. He is definitely the best.