Tuberous breasts are a frequent deformity motivating patients as towards Plastic Surgery.
There a different degrees of severity, and mostly patients suffer from involuted, odd shaped breasts.
Affected breasts have lack of volume and projection, but very large areolae.

There are different approaches to correct this.
A combination solution of silicone gel implants and fat supergrafting tends to give very good results in these cases, since fatgrafting can be used to fill out the gap between breasts.

Also, it is possible to increase soft tissue cover in the lower pole where patients with tuberous breasts have special deficiencies.
Our patient example shows a typical moderate grade tuberous breast.

A hybrid approach of teardrop shape silicone gel implants and supergrafting into the cleavage area using the patient’s own fat enabled us to achieve a really good result in this case, especially with view to shaping the patient’s significant gap.

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