There are few topics in modern Cosmetic surgery that fascinate as much as liposuction with no surgery. So far only one technology has really managed to live up to both surgeon and patient expectations – the Coolsculpting system from Zeltiq.

“We have thoroughly road-tested Coolsculpting before taking it on board,” says Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella and Head of the Plastic Surgery department of Hospital Quirón Málaga. “And I have to see that my whole team has been extremely impressed. We are now very excited to have this treatment option at our disposal,” so Dr. Aslani.

In the U.S. where Coolsculpting has long been market leader in fat removal without surgery, logging 200 machines nationwide and over 1 million successful treatments, many practitioners opine that Coolsculpting can indeed produce results comparable to liposuction.

Coolsculpting is based on a scientific publication from the 90’s establishing that high freezing energies could selectively destruct fat cells, and this cold was much more effective to achieve this than hot.

What makes Cooolsculpting so effective is that is does not work via application of external freezing energy like the myriad of “crylipolysis” machines having flooded the market in the last decade.

“Coolsculpting is much more sophisticated than this”, says Dr. Aslani. “It does not apply cold, but Zeltiq has patented a way to extract bodyheat via skin applicators. The technology has made it possible to reach freezing temperatures of up to -12 degrees, without any damage to the skin. This is extremely effective for fat removal.”

Following the treatment, the destructed fat is gently eliminated by the body. The FDA (Food and Drug administration) of the United States has given Coolsculpting clearance as being both safe and effective, and that for a single treatment alone.

“From our clinical experience I can confirm that we have seen significant fat reduction all our patients treatment with just one session. However, if patients are out for liposuction like results, the may look at two treatment cycles. Then, yes, results are absolutely comparable,” so Dr. Aslani, who has tested Coolsculpting thoroughly since last year before including it into his armamentarium.

Following Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, Cirumed Clinic Marbella is only one of four locations in Spain where original Coolsculpting is so far available.

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