Female patients with pronounced fat deposits on the thighs are very challenging cases. This 35 year old patient had originally been advised a full thigh lift elsewhere and approached as for a second opinion. Fat reshaping in patients with a lot of lax skin can be somewhat challenging. One has to bear in mind that fat does not only distort the shape, but at the same time it gives stability to the skin, so fat removal has to be precise.
If one just removes fat in an overly aggressive manner, this could result in very irregular skin. A skin tightener (Smartlipo) is extremely helpful in such cases. We recommended combination liposuction with BodyJet EVO and Smartlipo laser liposuction. This combination is seen as the most powerful tool in modern liposculpture surgery.

Bodyjet Water-Jetstream liposuction is a great technique for very gentle and atruamatic, but yet fast and precise bulks of subcutaneous fat. The technique is not painful so large amounts of fat can be treated using local anesthetic only. As a second step in the same procedure, Smartlipo laser liposuction, which has some skin tightening potential, is used to tackle loose skin. In this case and excellent result was achieved sparing the patient both the recovery as well as the excessive scarring of a thigh lift.

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Combination liposuction BodyJet EVO and Smartlipo laser Combination liposuction BodyJet EVO and Smartlipo laser