We Present our challenging cases: Reconstructive Surgery for extreme breast asymmetry

It is a natural thing and within human nature to have moderate asymmetries between both breasts. Depending on the breast size, minor asymmetries of 5-10% are regarded as within normal range.
However, more pronounced asymmetries may be extremely stressful for patients.

We present this case of extreme asymmetry with the right breast being about six times bigger than the left one. Further to this, the situation was complicated by the patient’s extreme ptosis (sagginess) on the right side. Such unequal sagginess complicates the case further since one does not only have to deal with the volume difference, but with the extreme difference in the surrounding skin envelope.

In this cases, we proceeded with a vertical scar breast reduction and reshaping on the right side. On the left side, a 300cc anatomical shape implant was used together with fatgrafting.
Adjusting fatgrafting was also used for the right side.
This enabled us to achieve a nice result for this very mutilating deformity.

Reconstructive Surgery for extreme breast asymmetry