Celulitis of the buttocks is a common problem in patient’s requesting Brazilian butt lift surgery. The treatment often is somewhat complicated. We have made very positive experience with the addition of Celulaze /CeluTite to our buttock fatgrafting protocols.
Prior to insertion of the fatgrafts,the skin is treated very superficially with the forked Celulaze /CeluTita cannula. After the treatment the grafting is undertaken. This assures that the laser energy cannot have detrimental effects on the grafted fat.
Usually some very reasonable improvement of the celulitis can be achieved this way.

Dr.Aslani has been the first European surgeon ever to be invited to lecture on Brazilian butt lift in front of an academic audience at IMCAS Paris, the world’s largest Plastic Surgery congress in 2014. Click to see the video of Dr.Aslani’s presentation here

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Celulaze with Brazilian butt lift