This month of November 2015, our case of the month is a supercharged breast augmentation.

The case was challenging because the patient requested a substantiative augmentation and at the same time had hardly any breast in the first place.
In thin patients with very little breast breast augmentation with implants only can be extremely challenging since implants are often very noticeable.

The addition of fatgrafting makes a lot of sense here, since implant contours may be very visible. Implants only tend to separate the breasts. Fatgrafting to the cleavage area can be a very effective addition under these circumstances.

 supercharged breast augmentation.

Supercharged breast augmentation has become one of our most sought-after operations.
This procedure has been widely practiced in the U.S. in recent years and is currently seen as the most sophisticated approach to modern aesthetic breast surgery.

See Dr.Aslani’s lecture on Supercharged breast augmentation at the International Plastic Surgery congress (IPRAS) in Nice, France 2015
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