Our choice for our case of the month in May 2016 is a beautiful case of supercharged breast augmentation.

Combining submuscular breast augmentation with teardrop silicone gel implants with fatgrafting to the cleavage area and the gap between the breasts.

Cirumed Clinic is specializing in supercharged breast augmentation

Cirumed Clinic is specializing in supercharged breast augmentation. The combination of implants and fatgrafting enable our surgeons to achieve superior results for our patients in all cases as compared to either fat or implants alone.
Over the last five years, this has become our standard approach to breast augmentation.

Our broad experience with this technique has made Cirumed surgeons referents for this combination.

Since 2016 we also dispose of B-Lite lightweight breast implants taking one step further to achieve the perfect breast surgery.

See Dr.Aslani’s lecture on Supercharged breast augmentation at the International Plastic Surgery congress (IPRAS) in Nice, France 2015

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