The buttocks are an area were fatgrafting tends to work excellent. Many factors contribute to this, but mainly the high percentage of graftable muscle. As a consequence of this, to our experience buttock fatgrafting is usually a one session procedure. It has an extremely high index of patient satisfaction, always provided of course that patient expectations are remotely connected to their anatomical situation. Sometimes patients want to take their result a step further, even if quite satisfied with the outcome of their first surgery. Under these circumstances, a top up session can be an extremely effective option.

In the case shown here, the patient had a first session exceeding 1000cc of fat per side. The outcome was very good, but the patient wanted more, so we topped up with an additional session. Two session surgery can achieve real transformations.

Dr.Aslani has been the first European surgeon ever to be invited to lecture on Brazilian butt lift in front of an academic audience at IMCAS Paris, the world’s largest Plastic Surgery congress in 2014. Click to see the video of Dr.Aslani’s presentation here


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 Aumento de glúteos en dos sesiones  Aumento de glúteos en dos sesiones  Aumento de glúteos en dos sesiones