Buttock Augmentation with Implants at Cirumed Marbella

Who is it for

Thin patients who have insufficient fat for a large volume fat graft but still want a very noticeable change in figure maybe better served with implants.
As a rough guide, if your BMI is less than 23, it will be difficult to achieve a great result with fat only-you simply have not got enough.

Where are they placed

We place buttock implants inside the gluteus muscle. This so-called intramuscular placement makes the implant move with the muscle and achieves a very natural look and feel.


We perform supergrafting in nearly all buttock implant surgeries. Supergrafting means smoothing implant edges with the patient’s own fat, placed into the sides of the muscle pocket and into the superficial layers of the buttock.

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Frequently asked questions about buttock augmentation with implants

What is the recovery after buttock implants?

Buttock implants can cause discomfort which will largely depend on the anatomy of each patient’s muscle. The majority of patients will experience discomfort for about one week.

What size can I have?

Why supergrafting and how does it work?

Supergrafting means combining buttock implants with some of the patient’s own fat.
Additional fat grafting gives a more natural look and feel.
Patients who have buttock implants are mostly very slim (otherwise we would use their own fat rather than implants). However, it is usually possible harvest a moderate amount of fat (300-400cc may be enough).

How do buttock implants feel?

We use cohesive gel soft touch implants. Especially when combined with some of the patients own fat (“supergrafting”), the feel is very natural.

How long do buttock implants last?

There is no preset expiry date. They can be left in as long as they don’t cause any problems.

What is the recovery?

Recovery for buttock implants usually varies between 10-14 days.

Gluteal implants - Cohesive or solid?

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