Buttock Augmentation with implants before and after

Show results of different cases operated by Dr. Aslani.

Case Nº1

Supercharged buttock augmentation,meaning the combination of cohesive silicone gel and fatgrafting, has become one of our signature procedures over the last years.
We are optimistic that this will boost acceptance of this procedure in the surgical community and help to establish butttock implant surgery as a strong and powerful option in modern body contouring surgery !

Case Nº2

Supercharged BBL with round cohesive gel buttock implants combined with dual plane pocket dissection, dynamic muscle suspension and EVL fatgrafting

Case Nº3

Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift.

Case Nº4

Male to female gender reassignment is one of our core clinical interests. Goal is to achieve a feminine WTHR, in this case combining buttock implants and hip expansion fatgrafting.

Case Nº5

supercharged butt implants with dual plane pocket dissection and AASA dynamic suspension