Butt of the month October 2017

With a caseload of around 500 buttock surgeries a year,Cirumed Clinic has established itself as the leading European center for body contouring surgery.

This month we show you a case of hybrid buttock augmentation combining a silicone implant together with large volume fatgrafting.
The patient was very slim and had insufficient fat volume for a “Brazilian butt lift surgery” which means fatgrafting only.
Since she still wanted some noticeable buttock reshaping surgery, we proceeded to combine a cohesive gel implant with intramuscular placement together with EVL (expansion vibration lipofilling) to both hips.

To see more of our supercharged buttock augmentation combining implants and fatgrafting, check our gallery here.

Should you require any further information, either in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quiron Málaga or Cirumed Clinic Marbella please contact us.